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Buying a unit? Find everything you need to know to protect yourself as a strata property owners. 
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Buying a strata property

When you purchase a unit, you own the lot but share common property with other owners in the building. This includes things like driveways, exterior walls and stairwells, so you will need to understand how the common property works. We will take the time to inform you of your responsibilities under the strata scheme when you are looking at buying a unit.
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"Hawkes did a great job with assisting us with the purchase of our home. Friendly, professional & responded to any questions we had in a timely manner. We will definitely be using them again in the future."
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Apartment conveyancing

Understanding your responsibilities under strata

Whether you are buying or selling a property, whether you are renovating a property, whether you plan a new development or have concerns about a strata property or title, you need to make sure that necessary searches are done to protect yourself. We make sure that all necessary searches are done and reports ordered so that you are properly protected.
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Strata responsibilities

How we help

Things you need to know

When you’re doing a property transaction, it's important to know if there is anything that could save you a lot of time or money.

Drafting a Contract

Every real estate transaction requires a written contract. We can draft a contract for you so that nothing gets in your way.

Checking for Debt

Any unpaid bills connected to the home will be transferred to the new owner We make sure any remaining debt is paid.

Settling on Time

You don’t want to be left waiting weeks for your money, or worse, the sale could fail. We make sure you settle on time.
I've used Lauren and her team for 3 property deals now. They have been fantastic - amazing communication and efficiency, and always going above and beyond for customer service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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Frequently asked questions

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Who owns land in strata title?

Generally, as a strata title holder, you own the air spaces within the boundaries of your property, while the owners corporation owns and controls the structure and land under and around it (common property). All other areas of the land and buildings are considered common property.

What does a strata report look like?

An inspection report covers all the issues involved in running and maintaining any type of property, including: current property ownership and voting rights, structural or building defects, planned or previous major works, etc.

What are strata records?

An Owner Corporation Records Inspection (OCRI) is a thorough investigation of the minutes of meetings and financial records of a particular owner corporation. It is also known by other names such as a Strata Title Search or Section 182 Search.

Why do I need the strata report?

Strata reports are very important when buying a unit. They include a history of the building (including any building work), the financial status of the property, pending building works, past works history, past expenses, current expenses, 10 year budget analysis, and SSM Act compliance.

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