Property Inspections and Reports

To avoid problems and extra costs down the road, you should be aware of the condition of a property prior to buying it.
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What is a pre-purchase property inspection report?

Before you buy a house, you should get a building inspection report. It will tell you about any major structural problems, such as cracks in the walls, safety hazards or a faulty ceiling. You may also find out about minor issues, such as a leaky tap or a broken window. These problems can be expensive to fix, so you need to know about them before you buy.
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Inspection reporting

Contents of the property inspection report

Reports can be prepared in any number of ways. They may be prepared by a third party, such as a building inspector, or they may be prepared by the purchaser themselves. The standard for reports is set out in AS41002.1. However, there is no requirement for reports to follow a particular format.
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Property inspection reports

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When you’re doing a property transaction, it's important to know if there is anything that could save you a lot of time or money.

Drafting a Contract

Every real estate transaction requires a written contract. We can draft a contract for you so that nothing gets in your way.

Checking for Debt

Any unpaid bills connected to the home will be transferred to the new owner We make sure any remaining debt is paid.

Settling on Time

You don’t want to be left waiting weeks for your money, or worse, the sale could fail. We make sure you settle on time.
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Frequently asked questions

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What is a property inspection report?

This report is a written account that describes the condition of a property that is important when deciding whether to buy a property. The report should make you aware if there are any structural problems, major defects and/ or safety hazards that need to get fixed.

Are inspection reports public?

So you may be wondering if home inspection reports are public records? No, home inspection report are not public records. They are confidential and owned by clients who hire home inspectors and pay for them.

What needs to be included in an inspection report?

An inspection report is a written description of the property's condition, including any significant building defects or other problems. It may include any safety hazards or problems such as rising water, cracks in the walls, or a faulty roof. It will also include any significant structural deficiencies or problems.

What is a red flag on a home inspection?

Potential red flags that can arise when inspecting a property include evidence of water damage (including leaks), structural defects, problems with plumbing or electrical systems, and mould and pest infestations. These issues can be dealbreakers for some buyers.

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